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Children's Author &
Playful Movement Enthusiast

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I am a children's author, and a yoga therapist turned playful movement enthusiast.

What is a Playful Movement Enthusiast? Well . . . it's a made-up title that best describes my passion for playing, learning, and teaching in a non-dogmatic environment.

In workshops, classes, and educational materials, I share philosophical tools related to human development where nature is a unifying force for joy and harmony.

Is your interest piqued?


Available December 4, 2018

The artwork in Honeysuckle Hugs was created by LA artist Renée Fox in response to Libby Piper's poetry, intending to strengthen the bond between children and Mother Earth.

Let the plant people take you on a journey, learning the lessons of each in a language that mimics the song of Mother Earth. Their essence comes together to create harmony in a tea infused with their wisdom.



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