©2018 by Libby Piper


So you want to learn more about what I do and who I am? Here we go . . .

I’m Libby. Usually, you can find me barefoot, sipping tea, gazing at the moon, and talking. (For the astrology buffs, I'm a Gemini with my moon in the 12th house, so, I chat with everything.)  

My happy place is anywhere with my hubby of 20 plus years, my teenage sons, my dancing dog Dylan, and good friends. 

Since 1997, I've worked with children and families as a research assistant, behavioral therapist, yoga therapist, and yoga teacher. My intention has always been to integrate information in a way that cultivates playfulness and joy amongst families and communities.

I host philosophical discussions regarding life, movement, joy, art, poetry, and wonder. Currently, I teach workshops and publish educational material that focuses on a holistic worldview of human development with the underlying philosophy that nature is a unifying force for joy and harmony.

I do have credentials, but I prefer to try lots of things and sort out their usefulness later. Here are a few things that might help us get to know each other:

I completed 820 hours of Yoga Therapy Training. I hold certifications with the Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), a Yoga Continuing Education Provider (YCEP), and a Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT).

I graduated from the University of Maryland with BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences. My interests were in Traumatic Brain Injury and Neurological Disorders. I pursued a PhD, but left on a permanent sabbatical before completing my degree. I enjoy learning as an independent scholar of anthropology, philosophy, folklore, movement, and astrology.

I love to travel. To date, I have visited four continents, twenty-one countries, and thirty-two states.

My West Virginia/Appalachian roots have deeply shaped my worldview and they provided me with the opportunity to hunt for ghosts in Harpers Ferry, WV.

I worked at Blockbuster. (This might be the scariest thing on my list.)

Tell me about you. What brought you here today?